A GE Washer That Defeats Mold and Mildew?

Written by Jonathan_G on January 15, 2020

Mold and Mildew Issue May Be a Thing of the Past Thanks to a New GE Washer

While front load washers have been incredibly popular for twenty years now, there is one issue which pervades in all of them. Mold and mildew.

Home owners are drawn to the front load washers’ increased capacity and the gravity-enabled tumbling action which washes clothes better. However, you cannot get around the mold and mildew which start to build up in the washers rubber gasket as well as the dispenser tray.

A New Solution to Combat Mold

The new GE washer, the GFW850SPN, attacks each of the weak points of front loaders that have allowed moisture to fester and develop.

The GE Washer GFW850 operates via 3 main points of attack:


The biggest problem for front load washers has been the accrual of moisture in the rubber gasket. This gasket is necessary otherwise water would pour out of the machine. While sealing the machine, the gasket also provide a comfortable pocket for moisture to build up. In the new GE washer, it uses a wider gasket that drains leftover water from the wash cycle.


You’ll notice that the exterior of the GE washer looks different. That’s bc it has a ring of vents which allows moist air to be expelled from the washer. This will eliminate excess moisture and will allow you to shut the washer door and not have to worry about mildew or bad odors developing. This also frees people to wash loads overnight, a no-no for traditional front loaders.


GE formed a partnership with a 3rd party who is an industry leader in antimicrobial and odor-control tech. They are leveraging the company’s technology to protect the washer gasket, dispenser (UNDER THE RADAR SOURCE FOR MOLD) and pump from excessive moisture build-up which will ultimately lead to bacterial mold growth.

The GE washers are available in Sapphire blue, White, Satin Nickel (BELOW) and Diamond Gray.

Other features on the front load washers include:

  • Smart Dispenser that holds up to 50oz of detergent (32 loads) and will dispense based on load weight
  • Smart Link between washer dryer allows you to set wash cycle which will automatically sync appropriate dry cycle
  • 5.0 cu ft of capacity which is larger than most standard front load washers
  • Energy Star rated

The washers MSRP is between $1099 and $1199 depending on color choice (white is the least expensive). If you have any questions regarding these game-changing washers from GE, please call the Curto’s showroom at 914-793-5600 or email us.

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