Bertazzoni Appliance Packages for House Flippers

Written by Jonathan_G on January 08, 2020

In the last year we have seen a tremendous rise in Bertazzoni appliance package business with builders and real estate investors. The Bertazzoni appliance bundle delivers on various levels that are important for builders, particularly for house flips where the kitchen is sized for a 36″ range.

In years past, if you needed a 36″ range, you were strictly shopping in the world of Viking, Wolf, Thermador and other pro style stoves. For the more value-minded real estate investor this didn’t work as prices for those stoves started around $6000+. When coupled with a built-in refrigerator, dishwasher, hood etc, the appliance package would climb north of $15,000.

Bertazzoni Appliance Packages: Game Changer

Bertazzoni has changed that calculation. Their 36″ ranges start around $3398 and when purchased with a Bertazzoni 36″ counter depth refrigerator, the ventilation product is free and the dishwasher is half price ($500). Even better, if you purchase the package with a built-in refrigerator (84″ tall like a Sub-Zero), the dishwasher then becomes free.

Because of the Italian heritage, sleek lines, brass burners and color options, the Bertazzoni can be positioned as a high-end kitchen WITHOUT the high-end price tag.

A Popular Bertazzoni Appliance Package

Here is one of the more popular Bertazzoni appliance packages, this one using a 30″ gas range in stainless. This appliance package retails around $6300 with half price dishwasher and free under cabinet hood.

If you were to use the same Bertazzoni appliance package but instead bumped up to a 36″ gas range the price only goes up $399.

The Bertazzoni Math Doesn’t Lie

So take a look at the math. You are spending the same price for a 4-piece appliance package (including 36″ range) that you would normally spend on one 36″ pro gas range from high end competitors.

This is a clear example as to why we are seeing such growth in Bertazzoni appliance packages being used in the builder/investor channel. You can’t argue with the math.

If you have any questions regarding Bertazzoni appliance packages please call the Curto’s showroom at 914-793-5600 or visit us.

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