Best Viking Appliance Packages for House Flips

Written by Jonathan_G on January 07, 2020

One of the most popular packages that has been used by real estate investors in the last few years is the Viking 4-piece appliance package anchored by their 30″ open burner pro range. The package is as follows:

Viking 30″ Pro range – this is the open burner model which is considerably less expensive than the sealed burner version. The major differences are the burners and oven, as the oven does not have slide-out racks (which can be purchased by the homeowner as an accessory).

Here is the open burner range:

and here is the sealed burner version:

As you can clearly see, the ranges are not that different from an aesthetic perspective as Viking decided to use the same logo badge and also use the new black graphite knobs on the open burner range as well.

The rest of the package includes the 36″ French door counter depth refrigerator, FREE Viking stainless or paneled dishwasher ($1599 retail) and a Viking over the range micro that can be lowered in price if you opt for the non-convection model.

This package would normally be over $10,000, but with the free dishwasher you are in at $8827 for a true Viking appliance package. The Viking name still carries tremendous weight with consumers so using it in your marketing of the house would be a tremendous asset.

And if you have a need for a 36″ range in your kitchen, Viking offers the same open burner range in a 36″ configuration which can be seen below. This range is $5349 compared to the 36″ sealed burner which is $6849. That’s a $1500 difference which makes a huge difference in package pricing.

If you have any questions about this Viking appliance package or other deals for your real estate investments, please call us at 914-793-5600 or visit the showroom.

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